“M A R Y”

Magic is your pretty name Mary,

Amazingly musical en terse

Resemblance of a sweet melody

You speak it, and it becomes a verse.


Heaven is the source which provides

Always with delicate art

Sunshine in your tender eyes,                                                                Mary Haskings

Kindness in your loving heart;

Integrity and charm we have found

Near you it’s always the same,

Such a nice lady…such a nice name.


In my dream

terrible dream

I saw you

as a Queen.


You were wearing

purple gown,

plenty of jewels

and golden crown.


It’s magníficent!

but as Queen

you’re being flattered

by the King.


And my heart

had the fear

of losing you

Oh, my dear!


But thank God

I awoke

and this was

just a joke.


You’re still mine

It’s just a dream

but for me

you are a Queen!