“Flower of Illusion”

In the lonely garden of my life

a great variety of flowers bloomed,                        

Daises, Magnolias, white Lilies

and Carnations of many colors.


But even with all that beauty

my garden was still gloomy,

it was not there the Rose

that I cultivated in my dreams

as the sunlight that warms us.


Many long days passed by

and to the Gardener I asked

to show me some path to follow

to find the white flower

that would enlighten my life.


I walked down so many roads,

I visited a lot of rich mansions

but I sadly could never find

the flower of my Illusions.


Then, one enchanted night of April

while my anguish was hurting me

I could hear from far above

a sweet and celestial melody.


It was an Angel proclaiming

among perfumes and flowers

the existence of a beautiful Rose

the very Rose of my dreams.


Since that blessed day in my Garden

there are Joy and Happiness

Daisies, Magnolias, White Lilies

and on a Sacred Altar my White Rose.

( Translated from the Spanish Language )

To my dear daughter Elsa Ileana on her Birthday,with love.

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