“Our Best Friend: The Tree

The tree is our best friend.

it is our companion since we were born until we die

it adorns our woods, mountains and parks,

and it is very useful to mankind.

From the branch of a tree, our cradle was made,

and from its generous trunk, we obtain,

throughout our lives, furniture and commodities.

Jesus was a Carpenter and perhaps, from him,

the tree had learned to give,

to give always without expecting any reward.

That’s why we have to resperct it.

That’s why we have to cherish it,

to protect it, to love it.

Let us not climb on its branches, so we will not harm it.

Let us prevent forest fires, so it will not get burt to ashes.

Let us defend it from the criminal ax, so it will not get chopped down.

And never let us forget that this wonderful friend

is so attached to our lives,

that as from its branches, our cradle was made;

from them will also be made the

coffin that will keep our remains.

As Published by: The National Library of Poetry.

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