“Little Angel”

An angel came down from heaven

She was sent by our good Lord            

to bring us all here on earth

happiness, joy and plenty of love.

Because flowers are symbols of beauty                

and God put charm on her pretty face

that’s why she has been named

Violet Grace.

                         To my great-granddaughter Violet Grace Kimbrell with love.

                                                               Great-grandfather López


In every home Christmas Eve smells Joy and Peace.

The colorful lights are always on, the incense delivers its mystic

clouds in gusts of scent and the Christmas decorations with their

presence of Princesses of Orient, put a string of love around the

Christmas Tree; the bells look like bronze Angels tattooing of charm

the Celestial skin of the night; the grapes are sweet tears in the

evermore fresh bunch of our childhood memories; the wine opens its

red door to the smile and frank embrace; the stars have crystal bodies

and slide themselves upon the clouds escorting proudly the Sleigh of

Santa Claus.

Let’s hope this night raises from the human hearts the marvelous

image of peace. So be it this sincere message the augury of much happiness

and many dreams come true.

Let’s hope that this Christmas leaves in all and every home the best of  the

presents: “Happiness and Love.”


“M A R Y”

Magic is your pretty name Mary,

Amazingly musical en terse

Resemblance of a sweet melody

You speak it, and it becomes a verse.


Heaven is the source which provides

Always with delicate art

Sunshine in your tender eyes,                                                                Mary Haskings

Kindness in your loving heart;

Integrity and charm we have found

Near you it’s always the same,

Such a nice lady…such a nice name.


In my dream

terrible dream

I saw you

as a Queen.


You were wearing

purple gown,

plenty of jewels

and golden crown.


It’s magníficent!

but as Queen

you’re being flattered

by the King.


And my heart

had the fear

of losing you

Oh, my dear!


But thank God

I awoke

and this was

just a joke.


You’re still mine

It’s just a dream

but for me

you are a Queen!